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[Alrighty... it's been a while since she's done this, but Noel figures there's no better time than now to try her luck. It's been well over a week now, and even if she has some answers, there's still something she would like to make sure of.]

Let's see... I think you're supposed to press... um, this? —Oh! [And there we go. Video is on.]

Er... hello there. My name is Noel Vermillion. I arrived here a little while ago, but I used to live here once a long time ago. It's nice to meet everyone, and I hope all of us are able to get along! [...] But... I was wondering if there are people I know who are still here. There's so many people around, so I figured there must be someone I haven't seen yet.


I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd love to hear from them again. Uh— so— thank you very much!

[/end transmission]


[Noel shuts the journal.


Even now, talking in front of everyone through it is still nerve wracking... some things don't change. It was necessary, though, and she'll be sitting around by the fountain for most of the day, journal held close to her person as she waits for a response.

And later in the day, when she's waited long enough? Figuring she'll be here for a while, getting an extra change of clothes might not be such a bad idea... food, too, honestly... so she'll be stocking up on both groceries and clothes—whatever looks cute enough, and sweet enough. She needs to think of something other than pudding to eat...]


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Noel Vermillion